The Soapbox is a collection of personal pages that are used for letting off steam...!

Have you ever wondered about things that are blatantly wrong with the world - things that you would love to change, but can't? Here are some of mine.

Steam Irons

A lot of the things that bug me occur when I feel that I am a victim of capitalism. Too often, we are treated like idiots by big companies. I get this feeling when I look at my steam iron at home...

The Effect of Non-Ionising Radiation (Electric Fields) on Humans

On a much more serious note, there is a lot of discussion about the possible effects on health of exposure to non-ionizing radiation - electromagnetic fields. Every so often this subject comes up because of something in the news. Currently it is the 5G roll-out. I have my own theories on this matter and I will be putting a detailed paper about it on this site very soon. Please come back and take a look.